Global Justice Ecology Project

Global Justice Ecology Project has led the global effort to stop genetically engineered trees since our inception in 2003. We founded the global Campaign to STOP GE Trees in 2004 and it was re-formed with a new diverse Steering Committee in 2014. We have successfully stopped the commercial release of genetically engineered trees around the world through work with global organizations, movements and coalitions, Indigenous Peoples, farmers, forest dependent communities and activists.

How we helped

Support from Lush will help us expand our work to abolish socially and ecologically dangerous genetically engineered trees in Latin America, which is gravely threatened by them. In particular, it will strengthen our collaborations with groups in Brazil, which approved GE trees last year, and develop new collaborations with organizations, Indigenous groups and rural forest dependent communities in Chile. With support from Lush, the international Campaign to STOP GE Trees will meet in Chile to undertake an organizing effort to work directly in communities most at risk from potential GE tree development, providing information and tools to support local anti-GE tree efforts.

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