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Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Leaders in animal welfare founded Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) in 2007 to fulfill a need to differentiate and support sanctuaries and rescue centers that not only provide high-quality care for animals but also engage in healthy and sustainable business practices. GFAS satisfies this need through an internationally recognized accreditation program. Eligible facilities must be a nonprofit organization, provide excellent and humane care for their animals in a non-exploitive environment, have ethical policies in place regarding tours, commercial trade, acquisition and disposition, and breeding, and have appropriate nonprofit management practices and policies in place.

How we helped

Many sanctuaries and rescue centers are not yet at a level where they can meet GFAS standards, and some are hesitant to engage in the accreditation application process for that reason. As part of GFAS' efforts to raise standards of animal care and nonprofit management, they guide prospective sanctuaries with individual mentorship, webinars, workshops and other valuable resources. With support from Lush, they plan to expand this outreach, with the goal of reducing sanctuary failure, improving sustainability and supporting capacity-building worldwide.

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