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Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

Today’s ecological crisis requires that we transform our legal systems to nurture, rather than allow the destruction of Earth. As the Paris UN Climate Change Conference gathers, the International Rights of Nature Tribunal will convene across town to examine systemic solutions. This “People’s Tribunal” gives people from around the world the opportunity to testify publicly as to the destruction of the Earth — destruction that governments and corporations not only allow, but in some cases encourage. With each case, an esteemed panel of Tribunal judges will recommend actions for recognizing the fundamental rights of all beings, including humans.

How we helped

The International Rights of Nature Tribunal gives voice to leaders and members of communities around the world who are dealing with the severe impacts of climate change, extractive industries and industrialization. In Lima, Tribunal proceedings were intense and deeply moving as witness after witness gave intimate testimony reinforced by scientific evidence of experts. Recognizing rights of nature and the rights of Mother Earth kindles hope and provides a way forward that encourages a healthy planet for all life. Lush's partnership enables the International Rights of Nature Tribunal to be held in Paris concurrent with the UN Climate Conference so that grassroots organizations can rally around viable solutions for ensuring the well-being of all.

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