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Grades of Green

Grades of Green's is an environmental education non-profit whose mission is to inspire and empower kids and the broader school community to care for the environment. Their vision is to make environmental protection second-nature in kids. Through their website, they provide free resources to kids and schools across the globe on how to implement sustainability activities in schools and communities. They also work one-on-one with students via the Youth Corps Eco-Leadership program and Trash Free Lunch Challenge. Kids become passionate about protecting the environment and have fun doing it!

How we helped

The generous Lush donation funded three schools in the Los Angeles area to participate in the Trash Free Lunch Challenge. 24 schools compete against each other each year to see who can reduce trash the most. Winning schools reduced trash by over 90% and the average reduction is 73%! Students pack lunches that don't generate trash using reusable containers. Thanks to Lush, over 1,800 students learned how to recycle, compost and sort their waste so that they can help our planet manage it's valuable resources, keep our oceans healthy and our skies blue. Thank you Lush!

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