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Green Teams of Canada

Green Teams of Canada's mission is to inspire stewardship of nature by connecting diverse individuals through hands-on educational environmental activities. Our vision is: Engaged communities that care for nature. We engage volunteers in activities like invasive plant removals, planting of native species, shoreline clean-ups at parks and preparation of vegetable beds at educational farms. Our objectives are: • Increase community engagement in park care • Educate about environmental issues • Connect people to nature • Develop leadership, teamwork and stewardship skills • Build and empower communities • Collaborate with governments, NGOs, schools • Restore habitat and increase biodiversity

How we helped

With a database management system in place, Green Teams of Canada will be able to spend more time running quality stewardship activities rather than spending time using an inefficient system. We will also be able to use the database management system to communicate with our volunteers and to start building an individual donor base. Reporting our program impacts will become significantly easier and quicker to compile. In short, this Lush funding will allow Green Teams of Canada to scale up and grow. Our plan is to start other green teams and an efficient database management will ultimately allow us to start impacting parks and communities in other areas.

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