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HPC is a grassroots NGO working with an alliance of community-based organizations in western Nepal. Its mission is to introduce strategies and techniques that increase the resilience and capacity of communities to self-manage their own development. This reduces the sensitivity of populations in low-productivity mountain areas to external climatic and resource-based constraints. The intention is to create a region-wide demonstration and training resource base of a diverse range of sustainable agricultural techniques for local people. The priorities of HPC’s work are to achieve agricultural productivity, good health and resilient local communities and organizations in the most holistic, participatory and integrated way.

How we helped

Sunrise Farm is one of the HPC resource centers where demonstration, training and resource facilities promoting regenerative agriculture and appropriate technology are available to visitors. The farm, which started 25 years ago, is the closest organic and permaculture centre to the city of Kathmandu, and it is a crucial resource for organizations and farmers wanting to find out about permaculture, sustainable and organic agriculture. During the earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May 2015, the farm was damaged and needs repairs so it can continue offering the services it has provided to thousands of people over the past 25 years. This grant will help with reconstruction so that the farm can: - operate as an effective demonstration and training site - Train farmers and grassroots development workers in regenerative agriculture techniques, green building and sustainable energy management. - provide seed, seedlings and training materials such as books, training manuals and posters. - host national and international volunteers. - carry out research into low external input farming techniques In the long term Sunrise Farm will continue to provide all these services as part of a growing network of demonstration sites, and provide other services such as marketing of organic produce from HPC’s and other like-minded organizations’ project areas.

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