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Hives for Humanity Society

Hives for Humanity works to enhance community through apiculture, connecting people to nature, to each other and to themselves, through the culture of the hive. Our focus is with at-risk communities in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, building self-worth, fostering community pride, teaching skills and empowering leadership. Through mentorship-based programming we create flexible opportunities for people to engage in the therapeutic culture that surrounds the hive; we participate in local sustainable economies; we support vulnerable populations of people and pollinators, and we do so with respect and joy.

How we helped

The donation from Lush will fund programming at the community training hub. The training hub hosts educational workshops that raise awareness about pollinators and teach skills for supporting them, and provides work opportunities for those living in poverty and with disability. These opportunities foster hope, enhance community connectivity, build self-worth and develop community pride.

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