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For over a decade, HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society has been a voice for bull breeds in British Columbia – by far the most abused, surrendered, and stigmatized type of dog. We match shelter dogs with loving, responsible homes, but we recognize that adoption is only one part of the solution. We advocate for responsible ownership of all pets, and for sensible, evidence-based, breed-neutral legislation that holds all pet guardians to the same standard. When we target the right end of the leash, the result is better animal welfare and safer communities for everyone.

How we helped

Scientists, behaviorists, and reputable animal organizations agree: breed is not a predictor for aggression. Unfortunately, public policy and public perception are slow to reflect this consensus – resulting in a cycle of stigma, abuse, and discrimination towards certain categories of dogs and their humans. This grant will allow HugABull and partners to launch an awareness campaign directing policy makers, reporters, and the general public to a comprehensive online resource center. By providing case studies, toolkits, and effective alternatives to breed-specific legislation, we can address fear-based thinking and work towards real change.

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