International Indigenous Women's Forum

International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI- by its Spanish acronym) was established 15 years ago as a global network which links organizations from Asia, Africa, Arctic, Pacific and America and advocates for indigenous women’s specific issues at an international level. FIMI uses a holistic approach that includes the combination of strategies to promote empowerment and leadership. FIMI conceives indigenous women as right holders and recognizes local expertise as the basis for achieving sustainability. The Indigenous Women‘s Fund - AYNI is the very first fund lead for and by Indigenous women. It is the economic and philanthropic arm of FIMI.

How we helped

Lush's support has resulted in a major change in current mainstream notions and approaches to indigenous women. Lush. through FIMI is supporting empowerment of indigenous women and promoting their role as key players in economic and socio cultural development and in poverty reduction in Africa, Asia, the Americas and in other regions. FIMI is a network that responds to the demands of Indigenous Peoples’ communities around the world. Empowerment and leadership processes implemented by FIMI not only benefit individual organizations, but also strengthen indigenous women leadership roles within the broadest indigenous movement.

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