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International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC) is dedicated to providing science-based education and resources on wildlife rehabilitation to promote wildlife conservation and welfare worldwide. IWRC is the leader in offering worldwide access to affordable, peer-reviewed, current information and interactive training on wildlife rehabilitation. The organization believes continuing education plays a crucial role in providing individuals with the appropriate skill set and knowledge to contribute to wildlife conservation as well as ensure that wildlife is ethically treated and animal welfare needs are met while in captivity.

How we helped

Lush Charity Pot funds support the editing, copywriting and illustrating of the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation manual. This manual is the backbone of the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course as well as a fundamental resource for all wildlife professionals. Wildlife rehabilitators all over the world use this manual to guide their practices. This new, clearly written and well illustrated edition will directly improve wildlife welfare and the success rate of rehabilitation.

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