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International Forum on Globalization

As a grassroots global think tank, the International Forum on Globalization collaborates with global movement networks, non-governmental organizations, scholars, thinkers and other partners to oppose the globalization of corporate power and propose the alternative of ecologically sustainable, community-based economies supported by international institutions. IFG’s mission is to advance original analyses and ideas that inspire new activism for systemic change while building global movements for sustainability, equity and justice. We envision a future where local, living economies are linked by democratic global institutions that prioritize people and the planet before profits.

How we helped

With LUSH's help, IFG will be able to print our recent special report, “Billionaires’ Carbon Bomb: Koch Brothers and the Keystone XL Pipeline.” Since being released online, our ongoing research has had real impacts and now we want to publish 1,000 copies for targeted distribution.

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