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How we helped

Monkeygate is the name given to the scandal over the secret approval of two new massive laboratory monkey breeding facilities in Hendry County, a rural region of Southwest Florida. JaneUnChained.com has already filed numerous reports and, thanks to the support of Charity Pot, has now launched a media campaign urging citizens to hold Hendry County, Florida's commissioners responsible for opening the door to one of the most reviled industries on the planet. Chased from Israel and Puerto Rico, one Google search will tell you this is an industry no community wants in their backyard and is certain to spark protest and controversy. Yet, Hendry County officials approved two huge lab monkey breeding facilities without telling taxpayers and homeowners. Lawsuits followed. While a local judge ruled against the homeowners represented by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, ALDF has vowed to appeal, saying the secret approval of these facilities is a clear violation of Florida's stringent Sunshine Law. ALDF believes a higher court will see the issue objectively. Meanwhile, JaneUnChained is determined to keep Monkeygate in the pubic eye and give homeowners and taxpayers the information they need as they head to the polls in November.

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