Keepers of the Water Council

We are First Nations, Métis, Inuit, environmental groups, and Watershed citizens working together for the protection of water, land and air, and all living things today and tomorrow in the great Arctic drainage basin. We serve to unite the peoples of the Basin to secure and protect water and watershed lands for ecological, social, cultural and community health. Our Declaration: Clean water is a fundamental human right and is essential for environmental, community, and human health. As stewards of the many diverse and significant tributaries of our great Arctic Ocean drainage basin, we acknowledge water is Sacred.

How we helped

Lush has enabled us to bring scientists together with Indigenous Knowledge holders in northwestern Alberta to investigate concerns about pipeline spills. With thousands of spills certified as 'cleaned up', Knowledge holders have noticed potential residual and cumulative pollution on the landscape. By working together, the Hay River Basin Pollution Investigation will address these concerns.

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