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Founded in 1992, Land is Life is an indigenous-led coalition of grassroots organizations and communities around the world. In all we do, we are committed to a community-led process and look to our Steering Council of leading indigenous activists to guide our work and steward our mission. In our more than twenty years as an organization, we have worked with our coalition to support local action at the grassroots level, encourage bilateral support by linking partners in solidarity, and influence policy decisions at the United Nations and other international fora.

How we helped

With the support of Lush Charity Pot, Land is Life will more robustly develop its indigenous-led grantmaking approach and to bring its practice to the forefront of indigenous philanthropy. Land is Life's coalition believes this is a unique opportunity to revisit the process of releasing funds to indigenous communities: what would it look like to align the funding process with the right to self-determination? Land is Life Regional Coordinators, Indigenous leaders representing Africa, Asia and Latin America, will support grassroots efforts in the following countries: Botswana, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Chile and Ecuador.

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