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Bonding Active Communities Society (Latin Runners)

Bonding Active Communities Society's LatinRunners program began in June 2013 in Langley, BC with just 9 participants. It was first formed to target the participation of latin women that were facing isolation and adaptation challenges in Canada. 300+ women have now crossed a 5km, 10km and half marathon finish lines within 2 years. LR continues to grow preparing more participants, leaders and volunteers every season. In LR we believe we all have the right to successfully integrate and settle in a new country.

How we helped

Thanks to Charity Pot we will be able to offer the program to more women that need empowerment and support. The main impact of this grant is: 1. Team t-shirts will give LR a sense of belonging 2. Partial entry fee for the Great Climate Race will allow LatinRunners to cross a finish line for the Fall 2015 season and at the same time support another organization. We expect a participation of 80+ LR in this race. 3. Leadership training will provide leaders with the skills and tools to guide their groups for the Spring 2016 season. We expect 50 participants in 7 locations across Lower Mainland.

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