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Living Heart Peru (LHP) is a not-for-profit organization that advocates for the right of every child to health and education. They also develop holistic, sustainable projects working with highland communities in the areas of nutrition and sustainable agriculture. Working collaboratively with the most disadvantaged people, LHP creates long-term solutions and empowers them to help themselves and others. LHP operates with integrity and compassion using local produce and solutions to keep it simple to achieve results. LHP’s challenge is to support vulnerable children, abandoned elderly, women and men to help provide a better quality of life and a brighter future.

How we helped

To expand the benefits of their nutrition program to the whole community, Living Heart Peru has started an Educational Greenhouse Project. This involves the construction of a large greenhouse close to the school, allowing the community to organically cultivate their own fresh vegetables, salad and herbs. To combat frost, poor soil and the effects of high altitude, Living Heart Peru uses a specially-designed thermal mass greenhouse built from local stone and mud. An insulated plastic roof is installed to contain the heat of the sun during the day and maintain temperatures during the freezing nights. Lush’s generous donation will allow LHP to extend its nutrition program to more remote communities high in the Andes and establish more greenhouses in poorer communities. More remote communities struggle with even worse climate and soil conditions as well as with less access to any kind of infrastructure or healthcare, while quite a lot children walk up to 4 hours one way to school – mostly on an empty stomach. To expand the benefits of the nutrition program, Living Heart Peru is keen to build another greenhouse in a remote and poor community above the Sacred Valley in Cusco.

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