Llamado de la Montaña

A gathering to share knowledge and experiences of regenerative eco-friendly solutions, communication methods, ancestral wisdom, positive social impact and conflict resolution technologies as transformative community tools for people to live in a balanced, improved, and heart centered lifestyle - ""Buen Vivir"" a.k.a: Sumak Kawsay, Kuñe Moñen, Malama Ka ´aina, Waponi Durani bai. El Llamado de la Montaña aims to unite community co-creators who are interested and curious to learn more sustainable ways to inhabit, live, and grow a more harmonious life with nature by connecting and sharing with eco-villagers, sustainability pioneers,visionaries, and indigenous communities of Colombia.

How we helped

We hope that with this prototype we can help communities improve the management and use of resources: wood, food, water and time. We seek to unite various types of knowledge exchange techniques and methods of preserving food like fermentation, brining and curing. This will help communities empower their food sovereignty and food security . We dream to benefit communities in a way that improves health by avoiding direct contact with smoke. This will help prevent respiratory diseases and expand the culinary paradigm by using local, seasonal and culturally appropriate resources. We trust that this will be a pilot project because of its functionality, cost and longevity can be replicated in an accessible way in several communities in the territory.

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