Luleki Sizwe

In South Africa's black townships, lesbian women are frequently harassed, threatened, and discriminated against. Many are rejected from their schools, homes, and churches because of their sexuality. Others become victims of "corrective rape," a horrendous crime in which men attempt to alter a woman's sexuality by raping her. Often times, the rapists also infect their victims with HIV/AIDS. Luleki Sizwe was formed to provide safe spaces and support for black lesbians in townships, including food, security, and other services. Luleki Sizwe is raising awareness about HIV-infection in the black, lesbian community and is attempting to decrease homophobia in the townships through political engagement and community education.

How we helped

Funds from Charity Pot go towards projects that work on the issue of corrective rape and gender violence, including the “We Are One” project, focusing on HIV awareness and prevention.

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