Lummi Nation Service Organization

LNSO supports programs, projects and special initiatives—especially those organized to promote social well-being, education, culture and civic purposes. LNSO provides fiscal sponsorships to programs and projects to leverage the non-profit status such as the Lummi Ventures Partnership and the Lummi Community Development Finance Institute. It also supports special initiatives such as the Lummi Nation’s totem pole journeys to raise environmental awareness, and works with tribal programs to provide services to the community and create linkages between funding agencies and existing partners.

How we helped

Funds provided by Lush for the 2014 totem pole journey were crucial in our efforts to raise awareness of the threats to Native and non-Native communities posed by the export of coal, oil, and fossil fuel shipment and storage across western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. The funds provided us the means to complete the 6,000 mile journey that included major events in Pacific Northwest cities, such as Seattle, where over 350 people came to the event at St. John’s Cathedral. Over the course of the journey, thousands of individuals came to the totem pole events. Just as importantly, the totem pole came to signify unity among tribes and between the tribes and local towns, cities and communities. The funding also provided us the opportunity to reach well over one million people through conventional and social media. In terms of the 2015 journey, last year’s journey galvanized and solidified our alliances with tribes, faith-based groups and communities, and nongovernmental organizations in the Pacific Northwest and western Canada in an historic alliance for the preservation sacred lands and securing environmental justice.

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