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March to Close All Slaughterhouses

Every day, barbaric methods are used to slaughter animals on an epic scale. It’s time to end that torture and their suffering. We have marched against sexism, racism and homophobia. Now, we’re marching against the cruel, systematic oppression of animals. The March to Close All Slaughterhouses takes place in multiple cities around the world in June each year. It focuses almost exclusively on the brutality of slaughter and demands the abolition of all practices that exploit, torture and murder animals.

How we helped

The Lush grant allows the March to Close Down Slaughterhouses to continue to support grassroots initiatives to raise awareness of the utmost brutality of systemic animal slaughter in our society. It also provides the much-needed funds to enable us to protect our right to peaceful protests, to empower non-violent direct actions for social conscience, and to fight against authoritarian oppression that intimidates and can potentially silence animal advocates. Confidence in social movements for animal and human rights must be maintained in order to bring about long-term, systemic, far-reaching, and socially just change in our society!

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