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Maui Bird Recovery Trust

Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project is driven by science and dedicated to preventing further extinctions of Maui's native forest birds. This research and management organization focuses on recovering Maui’s native Hawaiian honeycreepers, particularly the Kiwikiu, aka Maui Parrotbill. These endangered forest birds are secluded in one high-elevation forest and only have about 500 individuals remaining. In order to safeguard this population, we are restoring high-elevation dry-forest habitat on southeast Maui, where the birds were once found. To restore this area, we are planting thousands of native seedlings. Once restored, we aim to establish a second population of Kiwikiu.

How we helped

Lush Charity Pot initiative helped the Expansion of the forest restoration project on the southeast slopes of Maui in the Nakula Natural Reserve Area to improve the habitat and increase the population of native birds.

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