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Maya Mountain Research Farm

MMRF is an NGO based on formerly degraded citrus and cattle land that works to repair damaged land using permaculture principles. Our primary focus is on agroecology, using farming methods, agroforestry, to create stacked polycultures that provide food, fuel wood, timber, marketable crops (like vanilla, cacao, coffee, cardamom) and medicinal crops to make productive farms that meet the needs of the people working the land, while also replicating ecosystem services like habitat creation, soil and soil moisture retention and carbon sequestration. We also provide schools with photovoltaic systems. We are a 26 year old living classroom for agroecology and permaculture.

How we helped

Thanks to the funding provided by LUSH Charity Pot, we are able to provide full scholarships for 16 rural and indigenous Belizeans to attend our full 72 hour Permaculture Design Course. This augments work we have done and are doing locally by enabling local students to attend a course taught by international and local permaculture teachers. All of the students have been selected using partner organizations, with the idea that returning students can share information in their villages. This would not be possible without the generous support of LUSH

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