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Merazonia is a dynamic wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center located on 250 acres of Amazon rainforest near Mera, Ecuador. It combines a professional approach to animal care and rehabilitation with rainforest conservation. Volunteers help in the day-to-day care of the wildlife. Merazonia was truly built by volunteers for volunteers (and animals of course) and this remains a big part of what makes the refuge special. Over the past years Merazonia has successfully reintroduced a variety of species, including tamarin monkeys, sloths, kinkajous, otters, several felines (margay, ocelots and oncillas), agoutis, anteaters, armadillos, boas and coatis.

How we helped

Rehabilitation and releases are always in process at Merazonia. Sometimes our resources are instantly diverted to newly arrived animals with a good prospect of release. Therefore, it is important to build a new rehabilitation enclosure that can be used instantly and can be reused for different animals in the years to come. For the near future, releases are being planned for a group of woolly monkeys, a group of red howler monkeys and solitary mammals such as felines and sloths, who are hardly ever monitored post-release. The information gained from tracking these releases will benefit other local centers as well as local communities and researchers. We expect that because of this grant, our group of woolly monkeys and red howler monkeys will be released safely because we can monitor their whereabouts. It will also provide new data about their general behavior and migration patterns. And the grant will lay the groundwork for numerous rehabilitations to come in the upcoming years.

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