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Mines Action Canada (MAC) is an international leader working to eliminate the serious humanitarian, environmental and development consequences of indiscriminate weapons, including landmines, cluster munitions, and killer robots (or autonomous weapons systems). We aim to bring humanity one step closer to peace and social justice by eliminating the impacts of indiscriminate weapons and restoring the human rights and dignity of affected individuals and communities. MAC achieves our goals through public engagement, national and international advocacy, supporting partner organizations, researching and monitoring compliance with disarmament and international law, cultivating youth involvement in disarmament, international capacity building and developing and disseminating resources.

How we helped

With support from Lush, the Keep Killer Robots Fiction initiative increased public awareness through the media, social media and parliamentary engagement. Further research informed international discussions at the United Nations and support was provided to academics, students, and new campaigners to strengthen and deepen the discussion about autonomous weapons systems in Canada and internationally. MAC is pleased that with Lush’s help, these actions prompted the international community to continue dialogue about autonomous weapons systems in 2016, creating an opportunity for negotiations on a pre-emptive ban to begin within the next two years.

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