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MPF’s mission is to protect and restore prairies through acquisition, management, education, advocacy and research. MPF currently owns more than 3,000 acres of prairie in 19 tracts of land. Ecologists rank temperate grasslands—including Missouri’s tallgrass prairies—as the least conserved, most threatened major terrestrial habitat type on earth. Prairie protection efforts in Missouri, therefore, are not only essential to preserving the state’s natural heritage, but also are significant to national and even global conservation work. Through its Grow Native! program, MPF also promotes the use of native plants for landscaping, stormwater management, wildlife, pollinator, and monarch butterfly habitat, and other uses.

How we helped

The generous donation from Lush will help underwrite most expenses for the production of two upcoming issues of the Missouri Prairie Journal, a publication that provides high quality prairie conservation information to our members, conservation leaders, libraries, teachers, students and others who access our publication via print or on-line form. The fall/winter 2015 issue and the spring 2016 issue will include articles about the ecological role of prairie mammals, reptile monitoring of Missoruri’s loess hill prairies, best native plants to prevent soil erosion, the importance of prairie soil microorganisms, and other features.  The ultimate goal of the Missouri Prairie Journal is to educate to effect change—to inspire more prairie conservation, more reconstruction of non-native pastures and other land to sustainable native grasses, and greater use of native plants in home, municipal, and corporate landscaping."

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