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Since 1990 NLWS has been assisting injured and orphaned wildlife to heal/mature in order to be returned to the wild. NLWS specializes in large mammals and rehabilitates primarily black bears, grizzly bears, deer and moose. NLWS is active in the educationof the general public as well as sharing our practices with other organizations. NLWS works closely with a number of universities and scientists to participate in projects that aid the species we care for.

How we helped

The Charity Pot grant will allow us to complete an enclosure for our grizzly bears. By adding a roof we will be able to keep this area dry in summer and winter, making it ideal for isolating the bears while their larger enclosure is cleaned or enrichments are added to it. It also will allow us to separate bears that are sick or need to be tranquilized for release. Over the past 3 years we have slowly (as money was available) completed our new feed kitchen and volunteer quarters. This grant will allow us to finally complete the project by enabling us to add siding to the outside walls, providing long-term protection and visual aesthetics to the building. This building has been a long-time dream of NLWS Founders. Volunteers typically stay 6 -12 months at NLWS to ensure care continuity. Providing housing for our volunteers makes such commitments possible and ensures best possible care for the animals.

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