Observatorio Petrolero Sur

Observatorio Petrolero Sur [OPSur] works the critical issues of energy, environment and collective rights from a holistic approach.

How we helped

The objective of the program is that different social movements, communities and members of society will understand that another energy matrix is ​​possible: renewable, clean and socially just. We will show the consequences of the current fossil matrix and propose strategies to transition. First we will question the highly polluting fossil matrix, show their impacts and propose ""exclusion zones"" of oil exploitation to protect people and the environment (including flora, fauna and water resources, among others). We are working with local deputies (mostly lawyers) in order to achieve the ""exclusion zones"" in the frame of municipal legislation. Moreover, we are working with civil society at the same time. The project will directly benefit the nine Mapuche communities Zonal Xawvnko the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén; workers protected areas and at about ten social organizations with which we articulated in the spread of oil impacts Multisectoral space against fracking in the city of Neuquen. It will also benefit farmers in the Alto Valle of the province of Rio Negro, and society of northern Patagonia in general. These territories are located in the Neuquen basin, where the Vaca Muerta mega project is being developed. Vaca Muerta is the central mega project for the development of unconventional (both in Argentina and in Latin America) hydrocarbons, making a campaign successful and innovative processes strengthen resistance and search for alternatives; providing new tools for organizations. Some of them have already succeeded in boosting municipal legislation to ban fracking: as a result, more than 35 municipalities have been declared free of fracking. On the other hand, we are developing advocacy work promoting an alternative energetic matrix. We believe that is ​​possible and urgent, so we are proposing the video animation explaining how.

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