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One Heart Mexico/Nepal

Every woman deserves a safe birth experience yet every year, half a million women die in pregnancy and childbirth, 4 million infants are stillborn, and another 4 million die before they’re a month old. Sadly, 99 percent of these deaths happen in low- and middle-income countries. These women give birth at home, often alone, and usually without medical care. A chapter of One Heart Worldwide, One Heart Mexico's mission is to save the lives of indigenous mothers and newborn infants in remote rural areas of Mexico. The organization works to establish a culturally appropriate outreach program among the rural indigenous communities as well as a strengthening of the local health system (training of local providers, at the rural health clinic level) and the provision of necessary equipment and supplies.

How we helped

Funding from Lush helped giving training and backpacks for female health volunteers in Nepal for Birthing

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