One Hundred For Haiti

In Haiti, clean water and safe communities are difficult to come by. One Hundred For Haiti helps rural villages build cholera-free water sites (like the one shown here with Executive Director Greg Bennick sitting with local villagers). It also funds a widespread anti-violence education program - the first of its kind - across the entire southern region of the country. By supporting One Hundred For Haiti, you are supporting the empowerment of people, instead of relief being handed to them. Empowerment means sustainability and survival, and that means long-term success.

How we helped

The donation from Lush will make the continuation of our Rural Water Project and GTPE (anti-sexual assault regional education) Project possible. We are a fully volunteer organization and we rely completely on donations. No one is paid for working for One Hundred For Haiti, and every dollar counts. We expect that the projects will survive, and therefore the people in the communities we serve will survive, for as long as the support from Lush continues. We are deeply thankful for the partnership with Lush, their devoted customers, and the donations which make our work possible!

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