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Ontario Captive Animal Watch

OCAW is an organization serving to document and educate the public on facilities that use animals for entertainment purposes to create productive change. Our current laws to protect animals used for entertainment are lacking and in some cases even non-existent. We would like to see an end to the use of these animals held in zoo's and aquaria. Science has demonstrated that several species do not harbor well in captivity. Therefore, we aim to see these animals receive the best quality of life they can possibly get while in these facilities.

How we helped

The generous donation from Lush will help us tremendously by allowing us to expand to a larger audience to get our important message out. We will be able to do so by means of educational symposiums, talks with children as well as advertising our message through public displays. It will also enable us to continue to do our investigative work with much-needed, improved equipment so we can present our findings to government officials to create the ultimate positive change for these animals by means of legislative implementation/change.

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