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Otros Mundos A.C.

Otros Mundos, A.C. (Other Worlds, Civil Association), from Chiapas, is a legally constituted non-profit Mexican civil organization. Otros Mundos, A.C. is an interdisciplinary collective that is not connected to any political, corporate, partisan or religious interest. We seek to contribute to the search of alternatives to the social, economic, politic and environmental crises that we are facing in the current system. We want to build a world in which all the fair, diverse and inclusive worlds have their place. A world in which development, justice and peace are accessible to everyone, with respect for human rights and gender perspective.

How we helped

Lush Charity Pot will help our organization strengthen the accompaniment processes we are having in the different communities in which we are working on land and territory defense. It will specially be useful to achieve the following objectives: Training, capacitation and diffusion carried out is backed with necessary graphic material to improve the understanding and spreading of the information over communities. Materials are made with a popular education approach that gives them simple elements to understand several topics like community forest management, megaproject impacts, strategies, etc. These materials support community strategies. The materials will be distributed within our networks, we will bring elements to many groups in Mexico and Latin America. These materials can be also spread through social networks and can be freely downloaded from the Internet. We are calling for a recognition of women and men rights, of the cultures and local values to get back the equilibrium with nature. We look for rising awareness in urban and rural populations by linking the global crisis and violation of human rights with the local processes, alternatives and resistances and the urgent necessity of being part of them. We support community self-management processes, so that, through sharing, analyzing and information processes, they are able to take autonomous decisions about management and use of their natural common goods within their territories. It is necessary to contribute to create exchange experiences spaces in order to improve community strategies and for the creation of models that have an impact nationally. Experience exchange always helps to build up long term policies.

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