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Pacific Peoples’ Partnership (PPP) is celebrating 40 years of action by organizing our 22nd Pacific Networking Conference entitled “Rising Tides: Our Lands, Our Waters, Our Peoples” A Gathering of Pacific Changemakers and our 8th Annual One Wave Festival from September 22 – 26th, in Victoria, BC. This experience-based conference takes place deep within the heart of Coast Salish territories, and aims to unite a multidisciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-generational community of Indigenous leaders, academics, community organizers and creative thinkers to explore critical issues surrounding environmental sustainability, human rights, minority empowerment, and the strengthening of our arts and cultural practices.

How we helped

Lush has been a fantastic supporter of our partnered work in the South Pacific. They have helped us build women networks and co-operative centres in West Papua, Indonesia. They have also helped us to raise awareness about critical human rights issues and social justice issues. We are thrilled to work with their committed team on Indigenous issues globally.

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