Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition

Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition (PBCEC) uses grassroots organizing (education and outreach, research, petitions, lawsuits, protest and civil disobedience) to put pressure on corporations and government agencies that threaten the communities and ecosystems we live in, locally and globally. We have been involved in campaigns to fight overdevelopment and energy infrastructure.

How we helped

This grant will allow our organization to build off of our momentum over the last several years of organizing a multi-pronged approach to fighting against Scripps and in defense of the rare Briger forest habitat. The funds will go towards continuing our grassroots litigation approach of challenging permits, while also pursuing a possible federal lawsuit against the development plans. We will also be coordinating more high-profile action plans this fall to capture media attention and increase pressure on the developers. All the while, we will be documenting our efforts for a short documentary film about the past decade of opposition to Scripps Biotech, animal testing and the loss of endangered species in Briger.

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