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Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) is an association of wildlife centers across Africa that are securing a future for Africa’s primates and their habitat. PASA and its member organizations rescue orphaned apes and monkeys from abuse and work to end the hunting of endangered species and the illicit pet trade. PASA advocates for its members on an international scale, provides them with vital support, and works closely with them to raise awareness globally about wildlife protection issues. With its international presence and its network in 13 African countries, PASA is in a unique niche to protect animals from suffering.

How we helped

The rapidly expanding illegal hunting and selling of wild animals for food has become the single greatest threat to the future of wildlife in Africa. Support from Lush has enabled PASA to conduct a unique program to fight this cruel trade: by combining a global awareness campaign and support for local education programs in Africa, we're mobilizing people against the hunting of endangered species in Africa and worldwide.

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