Peace Valley Environment Association

Over 57,000 acres of wildlife, bird and fish habitat as well as prime farmland in British Colubmbia, Canada is under threat by the massive Site C dam. The Peace River Valley is a rare ‘jewel of the north’, yet the government is determined to build the project. The number and scope of significant adverse environmental effects arising from the Site C dam are unprecedented in the history of environmental assessment in Canada. Further, BC doesn’t need the energy. BC must stop expropriating farmers and impeding First Nations’ ability to carry out treaty guaranteed rights. The Peace Valley must be protected!

How we helped

Thanks to the generous donation from Lush cosmetics, our campaign team is able to fund a comprehensive opinion poll to provide insight into British Columbians' opinions regarding the completely unnecessary and destructive Site C dam. The responses to the poll will assist us in developing campaign messaging that is designed to attract targeted audiences in specific locations throughout the province. Further, this will ensure we maximize the effectiveness of our campaign resources. The timing of the opinion poll is critical as the province of British Columbia is holding an election in May 2017. It is our intention to ensure that the Site C dam is a priority election issue. We intend to inform both the electorate and all political candidates of the many significant impacts associated with the project: both environmental and economic. Further, we will work to persuade British Columbians to demand that the government elect conduct a thorough, independent review of the business case for the project by the public watchdog, the BC Utilities Commission. We are confident that such an assessment will result in a determination that the need for the dam is not justified and that a recommendation for government to cancel the project will be issued. The Site C dam is not in the interests of British Columbians. Numerous experts have conducted comprehensive research associated with various aspects of the project and have publicly shared their findings and recommendations supporting a cessation of construction of this dam. Additionally, more than 250 of Canada’s leading scholars issued an open letter to government recommending that the project be stopped due to the unprecedented number and scope of adverse impacts. This dam is unnecessary, unaffordable and will cause irreparable harm to ecosystems in and alongside the valley. The area of impact is more than 57,000 acres in size. Surely this cannot be defined as progress in our country!

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