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Pencils for Kids

By providing libraries, schools, classroom supplies and programs to communities in need, Pencils for Kids works to create an environment in which all children have the opportunity for an education. We support Scholarships for Girls, a Sewing Centre, and a Farmers of the Future Program which teaches children how to become agricultural entrepreneurs. Focusing on the community of Liboré, in Niger, West Africa, we have built three schools, the community's first library, graduated the first girls from Secondary School,(all of whom are now enrolled in University), and have created income - generating gardens and tree nurseries for women and children.

How we helped

Lush has had an enormous impact on the community in Libore, Niger. The funding from Lush has helped launch a kindergarten giving young children a head start in their education, started women's income generating gardens beside schools to encourage both women and children to become agricultural entrepreneurs, and has had a lasting effect on our Sewing program, building a permanent structure that will stand the test of time and become a meaningful hub of learning for so many. We are tremendously grateful that our programs are thriving because of the generosity of Lush and its amazing staff.

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