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People's Climate Arts

People’s Climate Arts produces cross-disciplinary art for use in mass demonstrations and actions. They work in collaboration with artists, laborers, immigrants, youth, faith-based and environmental justice organizations, activists, and more. Their work has the power to spark the public imagination and challenge decision-makers to respond to changing opinions.

How we helped

PCA’s art is produced in community spaces and showcased on the streets, at rallies and marches, and at community fairs and public exhibitions -- but often these critical moments happen with little or no planning. Our Rapid Response Art Library has proven to be an invaluable resource in these critical and unforeseen moments of resistance, tragedy, and celebration. It's because we've created this home for our art that we're able to share vibrant and powerful art with our allies and friends in their moments of need. Through our library, we're able to address the tendency of powerful organizers to be too busy with the nitty-gritty to maximize the inspirational potential of their events. Our art is able to amplify large movement events and support smaller ones that happen with very little planning time. With Lush’s support, we'll be able to maintain and grow our Rapid Response Art Library, ensuring that our art will be archived in an accessible space and that we can dedicate time and resources to creating new pieces to add to our growing collection.

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