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The Permaculture Project GTA

Permaculture GTA is an ever-evolving village that builds projects aimed at creating a safe and balanced environment which nurtures our collective humanity. The Leaders of Permaculture GTA are working to produce the world we want for the diverse needs we have. We are an open and inclusive group dedicated to the development of leadership and volunteerism on the grassroots community level targeting ecological sustainability, social and food justice.

The Permaculture Project GTA from Jan Keck on Vimeo.

How we helped

This grant is amplifying our work on our Permablitz project by supporting crew training and outfitting them with much-needed safety gear and project t-shirts. Our message will be broadcast further by running ads on the radio and in the local papers, and our street team will get promotional material to distribute at farmer’s markets through the spring and summer. The funds will help us secure greenhouse space throughout the GTA to increase our output. Lastly, these funds will allow us to better tend to our gardens and increase the number of gardens, equipping us to distribute produce to our farmer’s market stands making fresh, local and organic produce available to those who need access the most.

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