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Post-Landfill Action Network

The Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) is a non-profit, cooperative network of student leaders working to achieve zero waste in their campus communities. They support the implementation of practical waste-reduction initiatives, educate students about the waste crisis, and help train the next generation of leaders in sustainability through leadership training, program development workshops, and best-practices guidance. The goal is to create zero-waste campuses that lead the way to a zero-waste world where landfills and incinerators are obsolete.

How we helped

"Lush provided support for the 3rd Annual Students for Zero Waste Conference, which was held at the University of New Hampshire on November 11, 2016. Funding from Lush covered facility rental, and supplement the cost of food, equipment rental and other necessary supplies. It's estimated that 500 studented from around the US and Canada. This conference is our annual opportunity to bring together the student leaders from campuses across the country who will carry the torch of this movement forward throughout the year. The benefits of this gathering are enormous. The energy is palpable, and students come away motivated and inspired, fully equipped with the tools, resources, connections and trainings to affect serious change in their respective communities. This year, we will measure the impact of the conference by tracking our goals in the following areas. We believe that the conference will directly result in: - 500+ students receiving training, advising, education, and guidance about the global waste crisis, industry solutions, and program implementation on their campuses. - 40+ new PLAN member campuses in 2016. - 20+ speaking, training, and workshop requests on campuses across the US for 2016-2017 school year. - Hundreds of tons of waste reduced across the country via new programs. - Hundreds of thousands of dollars raised towards the development of zero waste initiatives. - A growing knowledge base of the student-led zero waste movement and practical solutions, troubleshooting and problem-solving."

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