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"Progress for Science is a campaign focused on ending animal experiments at UCLA, the University of Minnesota, and more. Our first objective is to end primate research as it is the ""low-hanging fruit"" of vivisection. P4S has three goals: 1) educate the public, 2) hold animal researchers accountable, and 3) demand that funding for these experiments stop. We believe the best way to end needless, unethical animal experimentation is to approach it from all angles and to do so consistently with plenty of supporters. We combine public engagement with political agitation and we organize several actions each month. Join us!"

How we helped

This donation is helping us tremendously, in that we now will have the funds we need to carry out all of our visions for this campaign! We currently have about $400 in our account, and that's come from the pockets of us organizers, along with some donations we've received from our supporters. Now, because of you all, we can create new, updated materials, secure the transportation we need to organizer larger scale events (demonstrations and public outreaches), and much more. We have several strategies and creative ideas we've come up with, with regard to how we can be most effective in ending animal experiments at UCLA--now we have the tools we need to carry them out. We truly could not do this with out you. Your support and funding mean the world.

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