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Raíz de Fondo Jardines y Educación A.C.

Raíz de Fondo is a Mexican non-profit organization which offers educational opportunities to improve quality of life relating to organic gardening, nutrition, promotion of sustainable living, and community empowerment and resilience. Three community gardens have been established in La Paz which functions as a platform to achieve these goals. Grown from vacant lots, these urban oases have now become fertile places to cultivate organic produce and build community bonds. The activities available include docent/volunteer training, gardening classes, and workshops in healthy cooking, written and broadcast information, water conservation techniques, and lectures by experts in the field.

How we helped

Within the first year, 2015-2016, five Green Infrastructure rain-harvesting gardens will be installed by students and volunteers under the supervision of Raíz De Fondo. These projects will include the design of each site, the production of outreach materials to promote these efforts, training workshops for volunteers/students involved in the installation, physical installation and plant material, and signage/educational materials to later explain these Green Infrastructure techniques to visitors.

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