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A story well told can move us to see the world differently, care in new ways and take action. Reelworld is an innovative media organization dedicated to harnessing the power of film as a force for social good. Our unique model is built on the belief that great films have the potential to address pressing social, civic and environmental challenges—if only the right films are given a platform to be seen by the right audiences. Our mission is to unlock the power of film by connecting audiences, inspired to take action, with grassroots organizations working to create change.

How we helped

With Lush’s strategic support, Reelworld uses film as a tool to explore pressing issues such as climate change, food security, mental health and the refugee crisis. After each screening, we bring together hundreds of activists, community leaders, students, artists and educators to explore pressing issues, collaborate and get involved in creating solutions. With Lush’s support, Reelworld will connect over 40 grassroots organizations with hundreds of new volunteers, donors, allies, and supporters.

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