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RETREET provides disaster relief across North America by engaging communities to replant lost trees, bringing joy, hope, and cheer to those in need. Our programs harness the spirit of volunteerism that crops up when disaster strikes in order to transform moonscapes back into landscapes, replacing utter devastation with new life and reestablishing shared environmental identities. We enliven and enrich communities for generations to come. RETREET offers an unique solution to an urgent problem and aims to make replanting trees a central part of the standardized response to catastrophic destruction. There is no other agency focused on this issue.

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How we helped

The Lush Charity Pot donation has empowered us to plant hundreds of trees for those rebuilding their communities in the wake of disaster across Texas and Oklahoma. With these funds in place, we are able to offer large, beautiful specimens to hundreds of families deeply embroiled in the recovery process.

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