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Rocky Mountain Wild works to protect, connect and restore wildlife and wildlands in the southern Rocky Mountain region. We envision a biologically healthy future for our region - one that includes a diversity of species and ecosystems, thriving populations of wildlife and a sustainable coexistence between people and nature. For more than 15 years, Rocky Mountain Wild has led the charge to protect the biodiversity of our region. Our efforts have secured lasting protection for dozens of plant and animal species, and more than 2 million acres of wildlife habitat.

How we helped

Habitat fragmentation is a leading cause of species extinction worldwide. Funding from Lush will help us to protect one of the most important wildlife movement corridors in the United States. Wolf Creek Pass in southwestern Colorado is home to bear, elk, deer, and the rare Canada lynx. The pass provides a critical linkage for these species along the Continental Divide, as well as a high altitude refuge for wildlife in our warming climate. The donation from Lush will help us to stop the construction of an ill conceived 8,000 person tourist “village” in this pristine and special place.

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