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RuckusRoots, Inc

RuckusRoots works in underserved areas of Los Angeles, home to vibrant and diverse human and ecological communities but also faced with significant social and environmental challenges. Young people represent the future of these communities, but have few opportunities to engage with nature and the arts or to build leadership skills. Our programs merge the arts and sustainability into empowering, interactive experiences, encouraging youth to connect to their communities, the planet and their own creative powers. Through collaborative programs, events, interactive installations and public art, we unveil the positive, creative side of sustainability, transforming participants into proactive agents of change.

How we helped

The donation from Lush will help RuckusRoots purchase iPads, which will allow us to offer our Chimes for Change program to underserved youth without access to technology. It will help these youth gain skills they can use to create better communities and a brighter future for themselves.

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