SanDiego350 is an inclusive volunteer organization devoted to inspiring a movement to prevent the worst effects of climate change and climate injustice. We're working towards creating a future that supports a livable planet and a just society through education and outreach, public policy advocacy, and mobilizing people to take action. Our vision is for an informed and united community that builds political power to hold its elected officials accountable for creating a fossil fuel-free, sustainable and just world.

How we helped

Lush's donation will support the Break Free from Fossil Fuels action in Los Angeles that SanDiego350 is a partner in organizing. This action will advance our work in growing the climate movement in San Diego and throughout California by mobilizing thousands of Californians, promoting coalition building among a broad array of organizations, increasing visibility of the issues in the community, the political sphere and the media, and helping climate volunteers to develop new skills, experience and capacity. In addition, the action will significantly increase pressure on local elected officials to support a ban on extraction in Los Angeles and a setback law that no longer allows extraction in proximity to communities.

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