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The Saskatchewan Environmental Society knows we need to do two things: 1) Create knowledge and understanding of climate change in Saskatchewan (one of the highest per capita producers of greenhouse gases in the world), and 2) generate action on this issue. We are encouraging homeowners, businesses, and institutions to declare their properties to be a “climate friendly zone”. This declaration will be an opportunity for citizens to declare their commitment to personal action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to declare their support for climate-friendly public policies and programs.

How we helped

The Climate Friendly Zone project will have current information about climate change and its impacts. It will be hosted on the Saskatchewan Environmental Society web site, and information will be made available to residents on personal actions they can take to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions. Our project will provide information on public policies that could be adopted at the local, provincial and national level to effectively reduce greenhouse gas pollution. In addition to pledging their own action on climate change, we're also asking each person to contact their government to outline the need for strong climate policy. We have been told repeatedly that politicians and the bureaucracy will only take leadership on climate when the public demands it. So we are creating that public. Lush is helping us print factsheets, brochures and ever important Climate Friendly Zone decal. We envision this as a 3-year project at the end of which there are tens of thousands of decals throughout the province and thousands of letters to leaders supporting strong, viable climate policy.

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