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Sea Turtle Oversight Protection

Our program has reduced the hatchling mortality rate by over 40% in Broward County. Our FWCC certified nighttime survey volunteers monitor sea turtle nests and count the number of hatchlings that emerge. Hatchlings that go east to the ocean are left alone. Hatchlings that disorient to lights are documented and recovered in buckets. Rescued hatchlings are released into the sea or taken to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton. Since 2007, STOP volunteers have bucketed over 100,000 hatchlings that disoriented to lights on Broward County beaches. Last year alone STOP volunteers rescued around 32,000 hatchlings.

How we helped

As the organization grows the focus on education increases. We have found that through our efforts education is one of the largest impacts that we can make to help the sea turtles. Along with our nighttime rescues, we are also educating the public through different programs such as camps, turtle walks and interactions with the public during our nighttime rescues. With these donations, we will be able to expand the amount of people that we will be able to educate through a new program that we are starting. This program is focused on educating people about the reef systems and to conduct reef clean ups. Since reefs are important to sea turtles and other marine life we see this is an important step in conservation and education.

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