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The Toronto Seed Library’s primary focus is on providing free and easy access to viable seeds so that as many people as possible are growing their own organic food and to encourage and enable people to save seeds through awareness, education, and community celebrations aimed at reviving seed saving culture. People plant the seeds in their gardens, raise the plant, let an appropriate amount go to seed and bring some of those mature seeds back to the library so that the collection continues to grow. As traditional libraries encourage mass literacy, seed libraries teach seed & food literacy.

How we helped

The donation from Lush will specifically help us establish the Seed School training program. Knowledge about how to save seeds has been falling by the wayside in recent decades and the Seed School will help reverse this trend in Toronto and beyond. The Seed School's program will last all growing season and each class will focus on how to get the best seeds from a particular crop. At the Seed School the focus will be on how to breed desirable characteristics, how to isolate varieties within a species, and the challenges of seed saving in an urban environment. Each year the Seed School will graduate a new batch of certified seed savers

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