Set Her Free

Imagine a young girl filled with laughter, hope, and courage, boldly reaching for a life beyond the confines of the slum community into which she was born. Today, with Set Her Free’s support, this young woman and hundreds like her can find the opportunities that they have tirelessly been reaching for: the chance to create healthy, fulfilling lives and break entrenched cycles of poverty. To date, Set Her Free has empowered over 500 hard-working, driven women, through our comprehensive educational, vocational, health, and rehabilitative programs, so that they may transcend the circumstances of their births.

How we helped

With the Lush Charitable Giving donation, Set Her Free will be able to invest in our vocational training programs which will have a residual effect. The sewing of these funds will produce a lasting way to empower young women and enable them to financially support themselves. In turn, skilled women will then be able to train other women in their trade, creating a ripple effect that ultimately creates social change and breaks the cycle of poverty.

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